Day 1
Аrrival Day.Meeting at the airport «Simferopol».
Moving to the East of Crimea in Feodosia. On the way, stop at the grandiose natural monument Belaya Skala (AK-Kaya).
Stop at one of the oldest trees in Russia — 850-year-old Suvorov oak, which is the living Patriarch of the Crimea.
If you want to stop at a Tatar coffee shop-to drink Tatar coffee, eat vegetarian chebureks with cheese.
Stop at the ancient Armenian monastery of Surb-Hach in the mountains near the city of Old Crimea.
Accommodation in a hotel in Feodosia. or
Time to rest after the road. It is possible to swim in the sea, in the pool.

Day 2.
Breakfast. Getting to know Feodosia, walking along the waterfront, getting to know the historic city and the ancient Genoese fortress of Kafa. Visiting places associated with the artist Ivan Aivazovsky, visiting the art gallery of Ivan Aivazovsky.
Transfer to a Quiet Bay and Cape Chameleon.  Ascent to the Uzun-Syrt mountain with a view point to the sea, mountains and the village of Koktebel.
Boat ride along the ancient extinct volcano Kara-Dag to the Golden gate.
Lunch at a fish restaurant in Koktebel.
Return to Feodosia in the afternoon. Free time.

Day 3
Breakfast. Departure from the hotel.
Moving to the city of Sudak through the area of Sunny Valley.
Visiting the Sudak Genoese fortress.
Moving to the village of Novy Svet. Acquaintance with the estate of Prince Golitsyn. Boat trip along Cape Kapchik and the Golitsyn trail with a view of Cape Karaul-oba.
Or a walk along part of the Golitsyn trail. Time for lunch at the fish restaurant in the New World «Wine and Fish».
Crossing the South Bank highway to Yalta with stops at viewpoints.
Accommodation in a hotel in Yalta or Alushta.

Choose hotels:
Yalta: Hotel «Oreanda»*****
Bristol hotel*** located on Roosevelt street (in honor of U.S. President Franklin Roosevelt).
Hotel «More»****
Rivera Sunrise hotel****

Day 4
Breakfast. Acquaintance with the Southern coast of Crimea, palaces, parks, noble and Imperial estates.
Moving to Alupka.Visit to the Palace of the Governor-General Prince Mikhail Vorontsov in Alupka. Walk in the Park.
Moving through the observation deck to the swallow’s nest castle in Oreanda. Visiting the area of Oreanda – the first Imperial estate in the Crimea. Oreanda estate of Emperor Nicholas I, Church of the Intercession of the virgin. Time for lunch.
Moving to Livadia, visiting the summer Royal residence-the Livadia Palace of Emperor Nicholas II, the venue of the Yalta conference in February 1945. Return to the hotel.

Day 5
Breakfast. Moving to the mountain Demerdzhi, a visit to the natural monument Valley of Ghosts above the stage.
Transfer to Gurzuf, stop at the observation deck above Gurzuf and Bear mountain.
Places associated with the stay of the poet Alexander Pushkin in Gurzuf.
Moving to Massandra, visiting the Massandra Palace. Time for lunch.
Visiting the house-Museum of the writer Anton Chekhov in Yalta.
Visiting the Yasnaya Polyana estate, where the writer Lev Tolstoy lived in Yalta.
Return to the hotel.

Day 6
Breakfast. Departure from the hotel. Transfer to Sevastopol and Balaklava via the Foros Church and the «Baydarsky gate».
Visiting the Skelskaya karst cave.
Tour of Balaklava and the surrounding area.  Observation deck over the Balaklava Bay. Optional-visit the Museum of the history of Balaklava and the Crimean war.
Stop at Cape Fiolent – Grand views of the sea, the ancient St. George monastery, where Anton Chekhov, Alexander Pushkin, Russian emperors visited. Moving to Sevastopol.
Trip-excursion to the archaeological reserve of Tauric Chersonesos (Greek ancient city, the place of Prince Vladimir’s baptism).
Accommodation in a hotel in Sevastopol.

Hotels to choose from:
Aquamarine hotel*****
Hotel «Sevastopol»****

Day 7
Breakfast. Excursion-walk along the embankment and the historical center of Sevastopol, Admiral Nakhimov square and Primorsky Boulevard, monument to Sunken ships, Grafskaya pier.
Boat trip along the Bay with the approach to the warships and submarines of the black sea fleet of the Russian Federation.
Lunch with black sea cuisine in the restaurant on the embankment.
Visiting the memorial «Panorama defense of Sevastopol» and places associated with the stay of Leo Tolstoy in Sevastopol.
A visit to the memorial of Defense of Sevastopol in the great Patriotic war «Diorama storm of Sapun mountain».
Visit the ruins of the Kalamita fortress in the village of Inke5rman and the ancient cave monastery of St. Clement.

Day 8
Breakfast.  Departure from the hotel.
Excursion to Bakhchisarai and Bakhchisarai district.
Getting to know the city of Bakhchisarai, visiting Khan-Sarai, the Palace of Crimean khans, and the St. Mary men’s cave monastery. Crimean Tatar coffee shop, Museum «medieval town of Bakhchisarai».
Visit to the cave city of Mangup-Kale. Walk through the medieval city, visit the ancient caves, beautiful views of the mountain Crimea. The climb to the summit of Mangup-Kale on the jeep.
Lunch at the Crimean Tatar family mountain cafe. Moving to Simferopol.
Accommodation in the hotel «Ukraine». Evening walk — tour of Simferopol.

Day 9.
Breakfast. Departure from the hotel. Transfer to the airport of Simferopol

Written by Иван Коваленко